Words and how they hurt.  

I have come to find that there are some words that can cause major emotions in many people in different ways.  Ignorance, bigot, extremist, fear, and hate.   Now the words have meaning in today’s society and especially in the arguments of the current days.  Now to me, I can understand the ignorance of transpeople because we have been in the shadows.   We were trying to live our lives without conflicts.  It seems though that many bigots have come to the front out of fear from campaign ideals thrust by the AFA.  This group will pull me to the next round of ideas.   

Extremists are not just Islamic people.   They aren’t just terrorists out in some foreign land.   They are everywhere, even American citizens on America soil.  These men and women are in the front lines of our most current civil rights battle and its discerning that this battle is over bathrooms.   Now these extremist Christians hold no bearing of acceptance. They hold their beliefs dear to them and feel it is their power to control others.   They use their religion as a weapon.   This is not the face of most Christians I meet, but it is sadly the face we are seeing today.  They are spreading the word I despise the most and that is hate.  All being pushed along with fear. 

Fear is a way to push something in a timid public.   Just by laying that fear out one can control the movement of a topic. “Men is women’s spaces”, “protecting women and children”, and “protecting privacy” are all key words used in the plight of the argument.  So how does one instill that there is a problem when one truly doesn’t exist?  By creating fear and panic.  Putting out commercials showing a man following a girl into the restroom.  Putting out fear that the children are in danger.  Throwing Ted Cruz into the spotlight to say how not only is the law “common sense” but how it’s against what they believe is right.  With no way around it this fear leads to the worst of any word I know, hate.  

To me, hate is a word that should never be and in this I have taught my children that sometimes people disagree and sometimes they may not get along, but no one deserves to be hated.   I dislike religion, I don’t hate it.  So for me to see these extreme groups calling out action in discrimination all based off of hate, it concerns me.   What also concerns me is the similaritues between current and past equal rights fights in this country.   The arguments against black people sharing spaces.  The arguments during the marriage equality fights.  On to today with the transgender bathroom issues. 

There is hate being spread in the name of God.   There are preachers standing on the piles of bodies laid to rest from suicide and murder.   There are people who are more interested in speaking out about how they feel wronged in society because they feel uncomfortable.   They hate the fact that trans people exists.   They hate that their comfortable life is being stirred by others wanting equality in society.  Not special rights, just equal ones.  

Hate is the thing that will destroy our country but there is a cure.   Education is the cure to the ailments of today’s society.   Leaving our comfort zone and understanding both sides, not just the side we want to know.    We need to come together in this time of growth.   We need to become a nation banded together again and maybe Eddie Izzard is right:

“We need to talk about this, we need to talk about this issue until it gets boring.  Once it’s boring, no one will care”  

Try some love.  Believe me it’s a much better stance. From an atheist transgender girl in Western PA: Stop hating transgender people and stop hating religious people.  Just stop hating. I know many amazing transgender people in this world and many amazing religious people and neither on if them deserves anything less than full respect for their needs, belief, and a whole lot of love.  

Image found in Google search under shortday.in


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