New experiences, new people in a new life. 

Living is a new experience for me.  Sure I exsisted yet I never actually enjoyed life until recently.   I am at a point now where I have been experiencing many new things and meeting many new people.  And I’m loving every second!!!  To realize there is life out there can be amazing.  

My middle daughter is on a local hockey team and she is the only girl on the team.   This can be hard enough on her, but then we will add in that it is based where my wife works and it can make for some worries.  When she started, it was hard for me to attend games due to social anxiety.  What will the other parents say? Will they be concerned someone like me was around their children? Will the kids be understanding and kind to my daughter for her situation? Well I faced my fears.  I went to the games and I didn’t talk much leaving poor Cindy as my voice.  

As time progressed and I attended more games I started to realize the problem wasn’t the other parents but my own issues haunting me.  I was fearing and hiding from life with out giving much of a chance for anyone to really know me.    I opened up to them, and have become friends with them.  I now look forward to games and time with the hockey family yet there is one thing that means even more to me than my own acceptance into the group.  The thing most important was when my wife came home and informed me that her group of friends talked about it in depth and she smiled while saying “It the first time I have ever had a group so accepting”.  When she said that, I knew I was was worried for all the wrong reason.  The hockey parents are not just friends, the are a family.  

As I think about and smile knowing that my wife is surrounded by amazing people.  I am actually starting to get excited for a weekend tornament that is coming soon. I’m excited to attend a movie night with the kids and parents.  I’m excited to spend the weekend with this family.  They have helped my wife feel more comfortable with my journey just as much as they have made me feel welcome into their family.  They have accepted everything, no questions asked.  

This is the true definition of family.  This is also the true realization that life doesn’t end when transition happens.  Life will go on and the only thing you should do is hop on that train and ride it.  My transition may have started 4 years ago, but my life started in 2015 and I loved every single moment so far, and look forward to so many more amazing years.  

Thank you to my daughters hockey family.  Thank you for everything!  For supporting my wife, being there for my children, and being there for me.  Now let’s roll on for the championship!!!  I’ll be there every step of the way.  

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