A year in review. 

So many may notice that this is not posted on my obligatory Wednesday but that is because I wanted to make this special. I wanted this to be posted on the last day of the year for a very interesting reason. That reason is to review what I have done, accomplished, and plan to continue.  I do ask that you reply here or post on the Facebook for your good memories of me… Past of present and please tell me what you think!

My first accomplishment was to lose weight. I was pretty big and the fact that I have made strides thanks to my friends has been amazing. Sure I still have more to go but I have no reason to stop until my weight is achieved. I’m finally earning the female body I always wanted. 

Second in my accomplishment list is the fact that I am finally transitioned. I have made the strides at work, and in my personal life to make everything match how I have felt for years. I’m no longer a question mark and no longer hiding in the middle. I am no longer stuck in the men’s room in fear of being seen. I have also made great strides in my personal life.  From making amazing friends to family acceptance. 

I have managed to start a blog, something I have wanted to do for years. I have started to educated others and pave a new path for those who want more information to make their fears ease. I’m starting to become a voice for those who didn’t have one and an outlet for those who need a friend. I’m becoming the person people reach out to, just as Sabrina was that person for me.  

I have found life, and why it’s actually worth living. Faced my fears and knocked them on their ear. I’ve gone from a person who never thought I could pass, to a person who is questioned when they show a male ID. I’ve always known I was female and society is starting to agree with that.   

I plan to continue growing. I will continue to be the person I have fought to become and the parent I should have always been. I will continue to be that friend that many seem to love so much. To some my transition is trivial but to me it’s finally living.  

As we celebrate the ball dropping into 2016, I will be thinking of how much I have grown as a human being. I will be be celebrating not only a new year, but my new life. And as some think about the year gone past and plan why their resolutions will be… I will be smiling and thinking of the fact that 2015 was the year I finally started living and not just exsisting.  

2015 was one hell of a ride. 

Here’s to 2016!

I love you all and thank you for your support!


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