Best friends and what they mean. 

True friendship is something that some can never understand yet somehow I have become very lucky in my group to have some amazing people.  Most of the best people in my life have come from my work place so I will cover them first. I can not describe to you what I have easily but I’m sure going to try.  I’ll start off with some of the highlights from the weekend.  

As some of you know, I shoot fireworks as a side hobby, sure it is a paid job but it is a super fun time.  I have the joy of not only putting on amazing shows, but I get to do it with some of my best friends.  Jason is the lead tech in our crew and to say he has become a part of my life is an understatement.  He, like some of my other close friends, has become more than just a friend, but family.  One of those people you can count on for anything   This seems to be a rare commodity these days but when you can manage to spend 5+ days with a group of people and still smile, you know your in the right track.  We also have Nathan, Jordan, Doug and Adam in our crew that shoots PA, OH, and WV so we are out and about during the season yet it never gets old.  We just keep going and continue to build up and set off beautiful shows time after time.  The reason is that we are a family, not just friends.  

Another person in my life is Jess.  I met her around the same time as Jason and she instantly became an integral part of who I am and why.  Jess did something no other person did before.  She treated me like the person I was and not the person they thought I was.  She never cared I was Trans.  She never viewed me as anything other than a normal girl in her life.   She watched me grow and blossom but she never lost site of who I was.  She is always there and the one you could call at anytime for anything and she won’t hesitate.  She has also been protective of me in many ways.  I just can’t see where my life would be without her.  

Barb is another person who I confide in and love dearly.  She has been there and supported me in every turn.  She has spent many nights talking to me and listening to every little issue and she has also been on the front lines defending me during a very difficult time in my transition at work.  I lovingly refer to her as my mama bear at work and boy does she fit that part well.  She is one of those people that words truly can’t describe. 

Another person who deserves a big mention is actually a newer friend.  Her name is Alivia and she just started at my store 2 months ago and in that short time her and I have connected.  We love to work together and can really settle into talking about kids and life.  She missed me while I was gone and was very happy to see me back and to be honest, I missed her too.  Working with her is always a great time and we are always good for a giggle and smile.  Some days I still wonder how she puts up with me for 8 hours at a time.  She also has one amazing child that we love talking about.  She and I have build a great friendship in short order.  I guess sometimes we just get lucky.  

All this is to line up the fact that life doesn’t end when you transition.   Not everyone will abandon you nor will it change relationships.  I had many fears form going on the 4th and wondering if I would be pick up on as a male or female.  I was concerned about what effect my transition would be on our crew and to be honest, it made us better.  Jess has never failed me no matter what for any reason.  Then there is Alivia.  She has never known my past.  To her I’m just another girl.  She never even knew about my past till I brought it up and she has even said she can’t picture me as a guy.  She has the joy of knowing me as I am and not the dark past.  In all, I am one lucky girl.   My life didn’t end with transition, it only just began.  Don’t give up my friends, there are so many people out there who will support and guide you in every way and one day you will find the people who matter most.  I know I sure have.  I have never been richer in the friends that I have and I would never trade them for anything in this world.  I love the people in my life.   

Image found in Google search for friendship. 


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