Murders, hate, and justice. 

Here we are in the face of another fun week.  My work and home life have been hectic and stressful to say the least but at least some good news will come from it in the end.  Normally I would love to write about the goings on in my life but today isn’t that day.  Sadly, I had to read an article on the 9th murder of a transgender person this year.   Now here we are in 2015 and we are reading about this kind of rhetoric.  I posted it to my wall in haste to speak about how it would not be covered under a hate crime law.  Maybe it was my emotions or maybe it was the shock but after a few friends commented on my post I came back to my normal reality.  All murder is hate fueled crime.  Not just the ones special to me or another group. Everyone’s life has value and meaning therefore we should not have to label a murder as one worse than another. 

This society has placed us in a battle ground of survival where if you say something another doesn’t like you are racist, homophobic, or transphobic.  Now we even have a new label coined for some to be called transracial.  Where does this end and what is the answer.  I believe in equality on many fronts and as a Liberation/independent I can do just that.  I don’t need party lines or sides to see what matters nor do I need religion to make my decisions.   I need my brain, compassion, and understanding. If I don’t understand what the problem is, I research to find it and educated myself. I will never understand how this is so difficult for others to grasp.  In this modern “society” we should be able to work past our differences and find the love for others in the middle. 

We all have friends that have different opinions and I personally know that my situation has made it tough on some of them.  Other friends never even knew until I started this blog and posting about current transgender issues, so I would say that I failed some as a friend in that regard. I do not blame my religious friends for having a rough time nor do I blame someone for not agreeing with equal marriage because we all have different backgrounds.  I have found that when we the discussion is made and proper personal debates can be carried on we will find that middle.  I have friends who are against certain marriages, but are amazing compassionate people.  Why should I block or delete them solely because we disagree?  The truth is I shouldn’t.  I go out everyday and do my best to be a good representation of someone who happens to be transgender and if someone disagrees with what I have to do, I always hope they can be understanding just as I should be. 

Mercedes Williamson is the teen I speak of.  She was murdered in Georgia by a supposed gang member with her body being dumped like refuse.  She was an aspiring cosmetologist and trying to make a good life for herself but at the age of 17, her life was cut short by another’s actions.  Yes it is a hate crime, but so are all other heinous act against another life no matter the background.    Hate breeds hate in our society and the only thing we can do to fight it is to learn though discussion and even if we disagree, do it with respect.  Let’s lose the name calling and the labels being tossed around.  Calling someone or something by a label reduces them no matter if your religious, atheist, black or white or even transgender or gay.   People are people and all deserve respect from others, even if we disagree on everything.  Maybe we should not be standing on the sidewalk or Facebook screaming that this crime is a hate crime and we should concentrate on awareness and education.  I hope that she and her family get justice. I also hope that the killer gets a sentence equal to any other person who committed the same crime.

Education is the answer people.  Education kills ignorance and in the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice.  Stop the name calling, stop the lies, and stop the hate.  Find that middle ground in hopes that we are reading less and less about murders in society and more about the good that happens.  
Rest in peace Mercedes Williamson.  


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