Walking among you

What defines us all is not the color of our skin, our gender, our issues, or our past.  It is our souls, hearts, and minds that matter.  Who we are more than what we are.  I have spoke in length about labels and how they stuff us into little check boxes for societies sake.  Well here we are with society in full swing of trying to decide what is best for others and not being concerned with their own issues.   I see this daily in my small town America and it pains me to know that some people have that much time on their hands to worry about what others do.


Somedays I sit and wonder about this and worry about what the future holds for the next generation of others like me.  I hope they have job security, equality, and freedom from discrimination.  Friends they can rely on for anything and allies all around them.  I hope for family support for them all.  Today may not be that day, but someday it will be.  One day we will all be accepted as we are, how we are but in the mean time we have to trust that their are allies out there to help us even when we don’t expect them.   Most importantly is that we must be able to identify them in the greater scene of life. 

I have many great allies in my life and not one ever judged me for how I looked or presented.  They looked at me for the content of my character and soul.   This my friends is a true ally.  Someone who loves you as you are and not what you are.   This could be friends, family, or coworkers.  Those people who would go out of their way to make sure you’re happy are the ones you need to keep in your life.  When we speak of those allies we must also remember something about learning and our process.  It has taken us years to accept who we are as ourselves. Keep this in mind as you transition because many people have known you for many years as your former self.  Mistakes happen and sometimes my closest friends call me Ali yet call me him and he while others adjusted almost overnight.  Don’t give up on them because this isn’t denial or them being mean, it is their subconscious memory.  They have to rewrite history in their heads to get it straight.    

In years past we were considered an oddity or freaks in a show but now more than ever we are gaining visibility in this world.  More and more we see normal people, young and old rising up and having their voices heard.  This is also being seen in TV and movies.  Positive portrayal of what transpeople are truly like and not the image of a Jerry Springer actor.   We need positive people in the light.  I try to be one of those people. I love to educate others and I love to be that friend everyone likes but I always have that question mark if I am doing it right by the Trans community as a whole.  I hope I do, but I am only one girl in the sea of thousands. 

Michelle Hendley, if you have not heard of her, look her up.  She is on YouTube and she is also an actress in my new favorite movie called Boy Meets Girl.  Not only in her portrayal of Ricky but also in her own life, she is an amazing representation of who we really are.   Human beings with goals and ambitions.  We walk among you as doctors, lawyers, or retail.  We live our lives as best we can wading through the muddy waters hoping to find the shore.  Some of us are visible, others blend in but the point of us transitioning is to give us a happy ending, just as Ricky had in the movie.  When we show you the real us, it is because we finally decided to be ourselves and not who we were told to be.  We walk among you, and we are only looking for the happy ending just like everyone else.    

Image credit from Boy Meets Girl movie

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